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With Tom Dorsey being one of the craftsmen i look up to and respect for his ability to build Bamboo Fly rods I thought I would share this. Indeed a awesome feeling !

My Take: Bamboo family visit

Tom Dorsey, Greenfield, MA

A few days ago, my friend Jerry Jahn—fly casting guru, teacher and long time T&T customer—decided to bring his collection of T&T bamboo rods to our shop for a visit. His collection is extensive, many of which I had built 35-40 years ago. Products of a rodmaker’s soul—these rods are owned by their maker for only a short time before they are welcomed into a new home and introduced to new home water…in most cases never to be seen by their maker again. I have never had the opportunity to encounter such a large lot all at once…usually just a chance encounter at the trade show booth of one or another purveyor of collectable tackle. Jerry ‘s lot was extensive—in lengths of 6 through 7 ½ feet, including a number of one-piece rods.

It was an especially joyful day for me and also for T&T bamboo rod maker, Troy Jacques, to cast each and every one of them. It was a heartfelt moment for me and one of awe for Troy. I was pleased with what I had accomplished during those “ago” years, but moreover, quite moved by the opportunity to have some of my long lost children back in the fold, even if only for a short time.

Tom and some of his children, back for a visit

Hopefully one day I will also be able to cast some of my 40 year old rods!

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