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Forelwater – Tough but rewarding

During the past weekend we visited ForelWater , one of the few venues known for its ” bigger trout.


Well it was a first for a few of us. CJ , my 10 year old son and fishing buddy had his first Solo on a V boat. What an awesome experience!!CJ 1st Trout on Tube

Of course the rods fished were mostly Thomas & Thomas. I fished my old faith full HS 905 and HS 903 , CJ fished his new VE 864-4.


We did not connect with the ” Monsters” but we still landed a few good size fish , biggest just over the 5 lb mark. Something quite interesting , out of the 15 trout landed were 11 cock fish.

From Thomas & Thomas rod makers

With Tom Dorsey being one of the craftsmen i look up to and respect for his ability to build Bamboo Fly rods I thought I would share this. Indeed a awesome feeling !

My Take: Bamboo family visit

Tom Dorsey, Greenfield, MA

A few days ago, my friend Jerry Jahn—fly casting guru, teacher and long time T&T customer—decided to bring his collection of T&T bamboo rods to our shop for a visit. His collection is extensive, many of which I had built 35-40 years ago. Products of a rodmaker’s soul—these rods are owned by their maker for only a short time before they are welcomed into a new home and introduced to new home water…in most cases never to be seen by their maker again. I have never had the opportunity to encounter such a large lot all at once…usually just a chance encounter at the trade show booth of one or another purveyor of collectable tackle. Jerry ‘s lot was extensive—in lengths of 6 through 7 ½ feet, including a number of one-piece rods.

It was an especially joyful day for me and also for T&T bamboo rod maker, Troy Jacques, to cast each and every one of them. It was a heartfelt moment for me and one of awe for Troy. I was pleased with what I had accomplished during those “ago” years, but moreover, quite moved by the opportunity to have some of my long lost children back in the fold, even if only for a short time.

Tom and some of his children, back for a visit

Hopefully one day I will also be able to cast some of my 40 year old rods!

Best regards


Something new from SAGE

SAGE – METHOD & METHOD Elite.Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 9.57.57 PM


You didn’t become an expert caster just to say you did. And you didn’t do it overnight, either. You practiced, fished hard, and got better because you wanted to catch more fish, more often. You paid your dues, and you met the fish on their own terms, which meant getting the fly out to places they felt the safest: out of the range of merely average casts. Fast action rods have always been a part of your success, and the new METHOD gives you more of what you love most. Like our fastest line speeds to punch through the wind and to carry the biggest, bulkiest, heaviest flies in your box out to where they can strut their stuff.


  • All-water rod
  • Ultra-fast action
  • Konnetic technology
  • Magma red shaft color
  • Rust primary thread wraps with Pewter trim wraps
  • Fuji ceramic stripping guides
  • Robust guide set
  • Black rod bag with Magma colored silkscreen
  • Fusion Red powder coated aluminum rod tube with gloss black end caps and silver medallion
  • Freshwater 4 – 6 weights
  • Cocobolo wood insert and black reel seat components
  • Snub-nose, half-wells grip
  • Saltwater 6 – 10 weights
  • Black aluminum reel seat
  • Full-wells handle with fighting butt

Blanks to be available soon . These rods should retail from R 6 850 to R 9 850.