Bamboo Rods

B04Range of Rods
The following range of Bamboo fly rods are available:

I use only Tonkin bamboo, the finest nickle silver hardware , and i prefer to use Snake Brand guides.

  • 6’9″ # 3 line – Smalblaar
    Named after one of the first little small streams in the southern cape where trout was introduced back in the late 1800’s , this delicate casting tool was designed to be one of the ultimate small stream rods. This is a true “classic “ , based on a Garrison taper , you will be able to present your fly to the most finicky trout.
  • 7’2″ # 4 line – Blyde
    This was the rod taper I caught my first ever Smallscale yellow fish on, of course in the Blyderiver.
    This rod is not your conventional bamboo taper , it has a aggressive taper , resulting in a crisp , fast boo rod which will turn a 12 foot leader with ease.
  • 7’6″ # 4 line – Spekboom
    My favourite
    , this rod has vereything a bamboo rod should have. Elegance , but full of power. You can cast your leader , even tippet only or push a long line to get to the trout or yellow around the bend.