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Every blank T&T offers is built, in-house, to the highest quality. Thomas & Thomas retain the personnel, equipment and know-how to build premium fly rods from bamboo, fiberglass and graphite materials.


Take confidence in the fact that every blank that bears the Thomas and Thomas name is designed, tested, rolled or milled, baked or glued, ferruled, mounted, wrapped, varnished and dispatched from right here in New England. We are fiercely proud of this and unwavering in our stance. It may restrict our output but we have never desired to be the biggest, only the best.



Medium action small stream rods.

When the conditions call for precision and finesse, add a sixth sense to your casting arsenal. This is a rod series for babbling brooks, rich chalk streams and technical spring creeks. The ESP feels light in the hand and flexes with minimal haul for smooth, controlled casts at short and medium distances. In confined spaces, the rod’s action will enable anglers to get creative with roll casts and ‘bow and arrow’ target shooting. If longer presentations are required the ESP possesses plenty of reserve power—and backbone to handle bigger fish as well.

ESP – Technical Specifications

Model Pieces Action Length Line
ESP 763-4 4 Medium 7’6″ #3
ESP 764-4 4 Medium 7’6″ #4
ESP 765-4 4 Medium 7’6″ #5
ESP 803-4 4 Medium 8’0″ #3
ESP 804-4 4 Medium 8’0″ #4
ESP 805-4 4 Medium 8’0″ #5


TNT – Windcheater.
The new Thomas & Thomas TNT Saltwater Series is designed to ensure that you are equipped to deliver heavy flies in to relentless winds with an unprecedented level of power and accuracy.This is a rod for advanced casters and die-hards of the flats. If you pray that tomorrow your favorite weather girl calls for clear skies and 20 mph winds then you owe it to yourself to check out the

TNT series – pure dynamite.

Model Pieces Action Length Line
TNT 907S-4 4 Fast 9’0″ #7
TNT 908S-4 4 Fast 9’0″ #8
TNT 909S-4 4 Fast 9’0″ #9
TNT 910S-4 4 Fast 9’0″ #10
TNT 911S-4 4 Fast 9’0″ #11
TNT 912S-4 4 Fast 9’0″ #12



Fast action trout rods for big water and big fish – no sanctuary.

We’ve been receiving more and more requests for a faster trout rod in four-piece configuration. Here it is – we’re delighted to deliver the NS series (the NS denoting ‘no sanctuary’). Developed in close collaboration with our casting consultant Jonathan Huff, these are rods for big water and big fish – a rod for the Delaware, the Deerfield and the wider rivers of the West. A rod that takes inspiration from our fast action Vector series, configures it in to four pieces, increases modulus and tensile strength and blasts fast, distance casting performance to a whole new level.

Now available in 906-4. The streamer rod of choice and also a great option for summer steelhead and grilse.CJT

Model Pieces Action Length Line
NS 905-4 4 Fast 9’0″ #5
NS 906-4 4 Fast 9’0″ #6