I have chosen only one blank to build on in the Winston Range , the most awesome , most versatile , most pieces , one piece feel , five piece blank EVER .


THE SMOOTH-CASTING, 5-PIECE LT SERIES. This series sets the standard for multiple section fly rod blanks. They have soft tips, actions that are slightly faster and crisper than our WT series and, of course, the distinctive feel found only in a Winston. The 5-section design features our internal spigot ferrule system, which ensures that the taper and internal diameter of one section of the rod exactly matches that of the adjoining section. The performance of these blanks is unmatched in the category; an LT 5-piece is a great choice, whether you’re hiking into a back country lake, going to New Zealand for a few weeks or just heading out on your home waters.

Model Length Line WT
LT 792-5 7’9″ 2
LT 793-5 7’9″ 3
LT 794-5 7’9″ 4
8’3″ 4
8’9″ 4
LT 895-5 8’9″ 5
LT 906-5 9′ 6